Its been months since I last blogged here. Been busy with kids and school and hardly get time to blog. Even though I don’t blog, I do continue my passion in capturing moments especially with my children. I couldn’t believe my last blog was in March 2012. Wow, that’s pretty long.

This year, I decided to take a break from work so that I could focus more with my kids. Thus most of my shooting are focused on my kids and their activities. There were times I decided to take a break from taking their pictures, but they insist that I should take picture of them and they can even pose for me. Will blog often before I take my 3 months break again next month. Meanwhile, enjoy some pictures I took in April 2012 ya…..


This was the pose both my kids gave me when I asked them to show me what a loving brother and sister they will be for the baby.


This photo was taken outside my parents’ house in Seremban.