Week 9/52

We heard about this bakery from our friend, Shawn, while we driving pass this shop at Damansara Heights. The next day, I decided to get something from here. It was little pricey from other bakeries I used to go. The second time I went to this bakery, I brought my hubby along for breakfast. We tried some buns here, and we immediately loved the way it was baked. The breads are soft, fresh and without any preservatives. Now, I get our bread from here for breakfast and my kids really love the bread from The Bread Shop. My son’s favourite, the custard bun.

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Week 6/52

For this week, we attended my son’s classmate’s, Danish Nazir’s 5th birthday party. The theme of the party was superhero. It was held at Ecoba restaurant & bar, Menara Mustapha Kamal, Damansara Perdana. Was a very nice party, delicious cake and of course yummy food.

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Week 4/52

This year’s Chinese New Year was a blessed one. Attended wonderful church convention at Seremban and it was truly a blessed one. The convention was held for 4 days starting on Saturday until the second day of chinese new year. I would say, our holiday was truly spend wisely in God’s presence.

Every post will not be complete without at least a photo. I’ve added two here, picture of my kiddo’s taken last Friday (20.01.2012). These pictures were taken at the pool side at our condominium. After taking some shots, we decided to head to 1 Utama for window shopping. We just got a pair of jeans for Marcus. But the three of us had fun, going on rides, walking around, having yogurt and early dinner.

Week 3/52

So fast, Marcus is 5 years old. His birthday fell on Sunday. Thus, we decided to cut his birthday cake after the church. He was so restless while we were at church as it was his birthday and he haven’t cut his cake. The actual reason wasn’t the cake. It was the fire engine on the cake. His request for this year’ birthday is to have a fire engine and traffic light on his cake. Thanks to Claudine for making such a beautiful cake and it was very delicious too. A suji cake with fire engine, house on fire, traffic light and road.

For dinner, we took him out to his favourite restaurant, TGIF, Plaza Damas. There he had molten choc brownie. And on Monday, I got him another cake from Claudine for his classmates. He didn’t know about the cake, which we brought for him during his break time. He was excited to have another cake in school and to share with his friends. Blessed Birthday My Handsome Boy.


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Week 2/52

Ashton is Marcus’ classmate at the new school. This is our first invitation to a birthday party for the year. It was held at Mid Valley Mega Kids and lunch was at Amarin Restaurant, also in Mid Valley. All the kids had great time at MegaKids. Very well planned birthday party. Happy Birthday Ashton.


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My 3 year old

Been out today, since morning till evening. Went out to so many places, and we came back home very tired. I put my kids to sleep and was reading an article on shooting a newborn baby. Just after reading the article and about to take a nap myself, I looked up at my daughter’s bed and she was sleeping. She looked so calm unlike herself when she’s wide awake. I quickly grabbed my camera and took some shoots of her while’s she’s sleeping.

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Week 1/52

Today the school has officially started the first term for year 2012. Some kids would have gone for orientation yesterday, and some starts today. I believe all parents feels that they just held their newborn baby in their arm. Holding them close to their heart and smelling the sweet smell of the newborn. And now the little one is going to school.

Last year, my son Marcus attended Krista Pusat Bandar Putra Permai, Seri Kembangan. Previously we used to send him to Gymboree, thus he didn’t have any trouble when we left him at Kindergarten on day one. Asha, my second one, never attended any kindy before. Being with me all the time since birth.

Today, both them are going to two different school. Marcus is starting his formal studies while Asha is starting her kindergarden. Marcus didn’t feel odd being in a school, but prefers his parents to be around. Asha was able to mix with her peers pretty well. When she started to play, she immediately said ‘Amma, you go back huh’, asking me to leave her at kindy. We left her with happy heart that she is confident and having fun at the kindergarten. Hope all the kids will have wonderful and happy memories during their school days.

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